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The STAY Septic network has been providing prompt, professional septic tank pumping services since 1979. S.T.A.Y. stands for Summit Excavating, Templeton Septic, Acme Septic Tank Cleaning and Bob Young Septic. These companies work hand in hand to proudly serve Green, Wadsworth, Hartville, Jackson, New Franklin and surrounding communities throughout five Ohio counties.

STAY works together to keep your septic system cleaned on a routine schedule to extend the life and efficiency of your septic system.

STAY Septic takes septic pumping services seriously.  Nobody wants issues with their septic system. Our professional team arrives on time, works quickly and ensures your septic system will be working at its optimum. Call us today at 330-706-9234 to schedule your septic tank cleaning.

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You’ve seen our red, black & white trucks around town. The STAY Septic fleet features modern septic pumping trucks and equipment because our customers deserve the finest service.

Stay Septic pumps tanks all year long – we don’t close for the winter like many septic pumping services. Ohio winters can be brutal – cold weather can make your septic system sluggish and slow, and even cause pipe bursts. You can rest assured that STAY Septic is at your service in every season to help you!

Radio Dispatched Fleet

Customer service and satisfaction is our goal. All employees have a thorough background check to insure top quality service.

STAY Septic provides free back wash with each service. We also mail you a handy postcard when your septic pumping is due next. Call us to schedule at your convenience – 330-706-9234

Need Your Septic Tank Pumped? Call S.T.A.Y. Today! 330-706-9234

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Proudly to serve Medina ~ Portage ~ Stark ~ Summit ~ Wayne County since 1979!

Call Stay Septic at 330-706-9234 TODAY to Schedule Your Aeration Tank Pumping

Specializing in Aeration Septic Tanks for over a decade

Stay Septic is your aeration tank pumping specialist. Has a new septic system been installed at your residence since 2009? All septic systems installations in Ohio since 2009 are aerobic septic systems.

This type of system has an aeration tank. The aeration tank reduces the necessary size of leach fields and breaks down waste further through air infusion. Aerobic septic systems also needs regular maintenance.

Although the system is more efficient in breaking down waste, pumping out the aeration tank is still necessary every two to three (2-3) years. Just like older septic systems, sludge eventually builds up and need to be pumped out.

aeration tank maintenance

Aerobic Septic Cleaning | Septic Tank Pumping | Aeration Tank Pumping | Aerator Tank Cleaning

STAY Septic is proudly serving the following Ohio counties for over 40 years!

Always Environmentally Friendly! STAY Septic is Responsible - because it matters

Envirnmentally Friendly Septic Dispoal

Did you know some land areas in nearby Ohio counties have permitted septic waste (i.e. Land Application) dumping? Many septic pumping companies dump their trucks in these areas. It is simple to see that this practice is not sanitary, plus is very hazardous to wildlife, the watershed, and the outdoor enthusiasts in the area.

STAY Septic properly disposes of ALL septic waste at the Barberton Wastewater Pollution Center – never on land anywhere!

STAY Septic Wastewater Treatment

Our Electric Drain Service Cleans Your Clogs ~ Residential & Commercial

Sink draining slow? Tired of standing ankle-deep in water in the shower? Get those household clogs cleared and commercial drains draining! Our electric drain service gets to the problem when other cleaners fail. It’s safe, chemical-free, fast and easy, too!

Call Stay Septic today 330-706-9234 for help with:

Clogged Drains | Electric Eel Service | Septic Tank Pumping

Drain Service to Clear Clogs

The STAY Septic Pumping Service Team ~ Licensed | Bonded | Insured

Summit Excavating Inc.
Templeton Septic - Akron, Canton, Medina
Templeton Septic
ACME Septic Tank Cleaning - 44319
ACME Septic Tank Cleaning
Bub Young Septic

Residential & Commercial Septic System Installation & Repair

Summit specializes in complete septic system installation and repair. Family owned and operated since 1979, Summit proudly provide septic services to Portage, Medina, Summit, Stark and Wayne Counties. Licensed, bonded and certified in all of the counties we serve, Summit Excavating is also licensed with the Ohio EPA.

BBB - Better Business Bureau Member

Excavation Services

  • Septic Tank Removal
  • Old Septic Tank Demolition
  • Septic Tank Haul Away
  • Site & Soil Evaluations

Additional Services

Summit Excavating - Aeration Septic Tank Installation

ATTN: Summit County OH Residents

Summit County Public Health - Septic system Maintenance

Are you a Summit County resident with a septic system? Click here for info on the updated Summit County Septic Inspections.

Septic System Operation & Maintenance Management Program

Call the Summit Excavating Team at 330-825-2035 with any questions. We’re all here to help!

Templeton Septic Pumping - 330-644-6029

Templeton Septic is a septic tank cleaning company serving Green, Uniontown, Jackson, Hartville and surrounding communities  in Ohio. Templeton provides economical septic pumping services to ensure your septic system functions optimally.

There is no good time for septic tank issues. Templeton Septic responds quickly when you have a crisis. For routine septic cleaning services, call to schedule an appointment at your choice of date and time.

Family owned and operated for over 30 years, Templeton Septic is a proud member of the S.T.A.Y. Septic Network. Our fleet uses the most modern, up to date equipment – because Templeton customers deserve the finest service available!

Septic System Alarm - Call Templeton Septic

Family owned & operated since 1963, Acme Septic has proudly provided septic tank pumping & cleaning services around the  New Franklin, Doylestown, Canal Fulton Ohio area for over 54 years.

Acme Septic Tank Cleaning is licensed, bonded and insured in all five counties we service. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. Acme Septic includes a FREE backwash with all of our septic tank cleaning and pumping services. We also repair or replace sump pumps that have failed as well as offer clogged drain service. Call us atd.

Bob Young Septic has been your local septic pumping company serving Northeast Ohio since 1979. Family owned and operated, we proudly serve Canal Fulton, Clinton, Norton, New Franklin and surrounding communities.

Our mission? Provide prompt, professional service to ensure that your septic system is on a regular schedule that can help extend the life of your system.

Customer service and satisfaction is our goal. Bob Young Septic offers free back wash with every pump out. We’ll send you a postcard reminder when its time to schedule your next cleaning. THANK YOU for the opportunity to earn your business!

Bob Young Septic - Akron, Medina, Wadsworth
Bob Young Septic Tank Pumping


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